Janine halts the wedding!

It’s the morning of Janine’s wedding and Janine wakes in Richard’s flat. Despite appearances Janine hasn’t slept with him. Ryan is waiting for Janine at the register office. She finally arrives and the ceremony begins, but Janine stops proceedings. Janine tells Ryan that she’s no good for him, but Ryan reassures Janine and the couple tie the knot.

Phil is suffering as he goes cold turkey and begs Roxy and Billy to let him out. Phil calls Shirley, but she hangs up and in a fury he trashes the room. Shirley tells Peggy that Phil called her. Peggy has Phil restrained as she rips the phone from the wall. Phil won’t give up and later he talks Billy into letting him out of the room…

Jean persuades Stacey into going to the Vic for Janine and Ryan’s wedding reception. Sam suggests that Stacey put Lily to sleep in the Vic flat. Stacey freaks when she hears Phil’s groans from the locked room and tells Peggy that Archie is upstairs. Peggy assures Stacey that Archie is dead and reminds Stacey that it was her husband who killed him. Stacey wants to protect Bradley and blurts out that she murdered Archie!

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