Janine has a surprise for Ryan

Janine doesn’t think it’s right that the only possessions that Ryan owns are the contents of his rucksack. Ryan isn’t bothered, but Janine is determined to do something about it. Janine calls Big Mo and surprises Ryan with a huge flat screen TV. Later, Jean is in the Vic looking at Stacey’s baby scan with Max. Stacey makes her way to their table and finds Ryan sitting with them and looking at the scan. Ryan joins Janine and Stacey watches as they kiss.

Phil confronts Lucas about Jordan locking Louise in the summerhouse. Jordan insists to Lucas that he’s innocent, but Phil refuses to believe him. Louise flinches when Phil grabs her arm and later he finds the burn marks that Ben inflicted on her. An upset Louise blurts out the truth and confesses that it was Ben.

Danny is on Roxy’s case again about being careful with money and he suggests he can double her money again with another investment. Roxy is curious as to how Danny is getting such great deals and asks Charlie to follow him. Danny clocks Charlie and walks into a posh office building and pretends to greet a man.

Also, Zainab apologises to a still fragile Syed and asks him to come back home.

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