Alice asks Poppy to help her with a new hairstyle to ensnare a mystery man. After advice from Poppy on seduction, Alice flirts with Michael. When Michael gives her perfume, Alice thinks her plan is working, agreeing to look after Scarlett. She moves in for a kiss, but Michael, although tempted, backs off. When Kat drops in, worried about an upset Alice who has fled home, they’re interrupted by a surprise visitor – Janine!

Kirsty is insistent that she goes alone to the abortion clinic. Meanwhile, upset that Max hasn’t told her about Kirsty’s pregnancy, Tanya gives him the opportunity, but he keeps quiet. After Kat forces Kirsty to confess about why she’s booked time off work, Kat forces Max to go with her. As Max and Kirsty are about to go to the clinic, Tanya confronts Max, saying she knows about the baby.

Sharon moves back into Jack’s. She teases Phil he’ll be happy to get rid of them, but it’s clear he enjoyed having them around. Later, a still stressed Sharon takes a bottle of wine to Tanya’s for a girly chat. When Tanya pops out, Sharon comes across Tanya’s prescription painkillers. Unable to resist temptation she takes a pill and pockets the rest.