Janine is burgled. The police arrive, but they want to talk to her about Lydia’s death and take her to the station. Pat is in the cafe and tells Carol she thinks that Janine could have killed Lydia. Eddie interrupts and tells Pat she shouldn’t accuse someone of murder without proof. Janine returns to the Square and confronts Pat about calling the police on her. Ryan confesses that he called the police.

Tanya is confronted by a drunk Rainie in the salon. Greg is doing building work at Max’s. Tanya calls Greg, but Max picks up the call. Max calms Rainie down and gets her to go to bed. Max tells Tanya they should be together. Max and Tanya are about to kiss when they’re interrupted by Greg. Max heads home. Vanessa is furious with him as he was supposed to meet her to look at engagement rings.

Syed takes Christian to a gay bar for his birthday, although he feels uncomfortable about going there. All Christian’s mates are there and Syed starts to relax. Christian worries about Syed, but Roxy points out he’s having a great time. Christian gets paranoid that Syed is flirting with other guys and storms out!

Also, Carol is grateful when Eddie spends time with Liam.