Janine is out for revenge!

Janine is furious about Pat’s interruption and tells hubby-to-be David that Pat is mentally unstable. Pat hits back that Janine is a fraud and is only after David’s money. Billy convinces Janine’s friend Sarah that Janine is a fraud and a distressed David has a heart attack. Later, Janine turns up in the Square and starts smashing windows. She reveals that David has died and she’s been left with nothing.

Shirley is hurt when she finds out that Suzy is pregnant and Phil is going to marry her. Suzy brags about her engagement to Phil to the Mitchells, but they are unimpressed. Phil breaks the news to Ben that Suzy is pregnant and they are getting married and is upset when Ben is indifferent. Meanwhile, Heather goes through the Minute Mart CCTV footage to find the shoplifter and she and Shirley see Suzy shoplifting something…

Arcie apologises to Sean for the misunderstanding over going to the hospital and takes Sean out for a walk. Sean is uneasy about Archie’s sudden goodwill as he tells Sean that Roxy means the world to him. Later, Sean brings Archie a gift as a peace offering and Roxy is pleased.

Also, Dot is horrified when Heather calls the Walford Gazette about her generosity.

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