Janine claims that whoever has Archie’s missing engagement ring must be Archie’s killer. Ronnie, Roxy and Peggy all have black gloves like the mysterious suspect who took the engagement ring from a drawer. Meanwhile, Jack and Max worry about Bradley taking the DNA test. The ring is planted by the mysterious gloved hand in Janine’s house. Jack meets up with his contact DC Hughes. Jack is wearing black gloves. But so is Phil…

Sonia is having problems with her marriage and she visits first love Jamie’s grave. Sonia gets drunk and asks Phil if he ever thinks about Jamie. Phil shows Sonia a photo of Jamie in his wallet. Meanwhile, Zsa Zsa gives Shirley a makeover to impress Phil. Shirley heads off to find Phil and is stunned – as is Phil – to find a naked Sonia in Phil’s bed!

Ricky worries that Bianca is having second thoughts about the wedding. Bianca’s brother Robbie arrives for Ricky’s stag do. The lads organise a casino night at the Vic for a delighted Ricky, but he’s horrified when he’s kidnapped by his friends, tied up and locked in a van and told that he’s being taken to the ferry in Calais.

Also, Bianca is stunned when mum Carol turns up on the doorstep.

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