Janine makes demands on an ill Pat

Pat is in hospital after her collapse, waiting for the results of a CT scan. But she checks herself out of hospital and heads home with Ricky, lying she’s been given the all-clear to leave. Patrick checks up on Pat and she tells him she wants him to take her out that evening for a knees-up.

Janine asks Derek to help her evict another tenant who is refusing to pay up on their rent. Bianca interrupts them talking and has a go at Janine for being rough on Pat while she’s ill. Janine’s left fuming. Derek thinks Pat put Bianca up to it and is trying it on. Derek goads Janine into teaching Pat a lesson.

Janine confronts Pat and refuses to believe she’s really ill, despite her obviously sickly state. Janine punishes Pat for Bianca’s outburst by insisting she wants her loan instalment money by tomorrow afternoon. Later, Patrick finds out Pat discharged herself from hospital and forces her to return for her test results. Ricky goes to the hospital and arrives just as Pat is given her diagnosis…

Also, Tariq pays Zainab and Afia a visit; Patrick confesses to Denise and Kim he was storing stolen fireworks and alcohol at the bed and breakfast.