Janine plots against Ronnie and Jack

Ronnie is impressed despite herself when Janine manages to line up a client for R&R. Later, Janine tells Billy that she is planning to get both Jack and Ronnie to agree to sell their shares so she can buy from both of them and take over the club! Billy warns Ronnie not to trust Janine.

Lucas gets a job in the chippy to pay his way so that he and Denise can rent Patrick’s house from him when he leaves for Birmingham. Later, Denise is stunned when she walks in on Patrick snogging Linda, and Patrick sheepishly reveals that he thinks it’s all over between him and Yolande. Denise is determined not to see them split up and vows to go to Birmingham to talk to Yolande.

Jay tells Billy that he’s fallen for Marissa. Jay feels guilty when Marissa reveals that she was beaten up by her pimp after going out on Jay’s home visit as Jay didn’t give her enough money to cover it. Jay gives Marissa a bracelet as a gift and suggests that they run away together.

Also, Bradley moves into Phil’s house with Max after Tanya asks Max to find Bradley another place to stay so that she can concentrate on Abi and Lauren.

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