Janine and Ryan return from their holiday in high spirits and Janine has a new blonde hairdo! In the Vic Tiff notices that Janine is wearing a ring on her wedding finger, but Janine brushes off her comment. Peggy is cutting and tells Janine that Ryan isn’t stupid enough to marry her considering her turbulent past with men. A hurt Janine confronts Ryan in front of everyone and asks him to marry her!

Meanwhile, Phil and Rainie are still at Phil’s smoking crack. Phil gets agitated after taking another hit and when Rainie winds him about his kids he loses it and pours a whisky over her. Rainie tries to get round him by offering him another rock of crack and Phil soon forgets his anger.

Heather gets an official looking letter in the post and is sent into a panic. Heather shows the letter to Shirley and admits the flat is being repossessed. Shirley tries to reassure Heather that they will sort it out, but Heather glumly says that Shirley is never there for her any more. Later, Peggy asks Shirley to check on Phil, but Shirley refuses.

Also, Bianca has a makeover and makes a phone call to a mysterious ‘Bobby’.

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