Janine takes Lily and slips out of the Slaters unnoticed. Janine pockets Ricky’s car keys at Pat’s then returns home and frantically packs. Meanwhile, Ryan is having a great time with Stacey at the party. Janine sees them outside the Slaters and calls Ryan home. Ryan is baffled when Janine says they’re going away for a while and makes him get in the car.

Ryan is horrified when he realises Lily is in the car. Janine tells Ryan that they’re going to start a new life in France. Ryan screams at Janine to stop. She slams on the brake on a level crossing and demands to know whether Ryan wants her or Stacey. Ryan tells Janine he loves her. A train is approaching. Janine turns the key in the ignition and stares at Ryan in terror – the car won’t start!

Darren is delighted when Jodie turns up with her cases. Jodie explains that Harry sent her away as he’ll be working away from home for a while. Vanessa bites her tongue. Later, Darren and Jodie are puzzled to find the word ‘slapper’ graffitied across the front door.

Also, Max threatens Jay for taking Lauren to the party; Carol moves in with new BFF Glenda.

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