The undertakers are called to collect Lydia’s body. Pat finds a tearful Janine and folds her in her arms. Janine is soothed, but once her tears have subsided she confronts Pat about not letting Lydia take her when she was a baby. Pat claims it was complicated and storms out. Later, Janine finds Pat and Ryan in the pub. Ryan accuses Janine of spending her inheritance and Pat tells her that everyone thinks she murdered Lydia!

Max and Vanessa announce they’re getting married. Jodie is excited, but Lauren and Abi are underwhelmed. Max announces he’s also giving up smoking, which cheers up Abi. Tanya confronts Max about ‘confusing’ the girls. Max thinks she’s a hypocrite. Later, Max snaps at Vanessa when he finds a stack of wedding magazines, bought by Jodie. Vanessa has arranged an engagement party and Max begins to feel trapped.

Michael returns after disappearing for the weekend and finds Ronnie in the flat. Ronnie tells Michael that Roxy told her everything, meaning their argument, but Michael thinks she means about his mum’s suicide and he breaks down. Michael apologises to Roxy for his behaviour and she hugs him.

Also, Fatboy worries he’s made things worse for Mercy at the immigration hearing.