Janine takes revenge on Jack

Jack marches a terrified Janine to his car and orders her to get in the boot. Janine struggles free when they are interrupted by Marissa and runs off. Jack follows but Janine gives him the slip and heads back to the club, where she steals Jack’s laptop. Later, Janine meets Jack at the office then spikes his drink and handcuffs him to the radiator. Janine pours petrol around the office but she’s bluffing – it’s water – although she leaves Jack chained up.

Jay is hurt when he meets up with Marissa to run away from Walford and she tells him to get lost. After Jay leaves, Marissa talks to her pimp, who tells him to leave Jay alone now that she’s done what he wanted. Billy, meanwhile, thinks that Jay wants to live with his granddad. Phil tells him it could be a blessing in disguise and Jay is devastated when he overhears Billy sadly agreeing and grabs his bag and leaves.

Bradley reluctantly goes to the pub with Max but he ends up comforting an upset Stacey, who is worried about her mum. Later, Bradley gives a man with a flat tyre a lift to a lock-up. Bradley is stunned when the man leaves him with a large St Bernard dog called Gumbo!

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