Janine is furious that Ryan didn’t tell her about Lily and demands a divorce. Janine attacks Stacey and Ricky has to intervene. Later, Ryan tells Stacey he wants nothing to do with Lily. Stacey shames him into looking at his daughter. Pat encourages Janine not to give up on Ryan, but when she sees him leaving the Slaters’ she assumes the worst and throws away her wedding ring. A vengeful Janine makes a call to social services telling them that Stacey is neglecting Lily.

Max discovers Lauren trying to hide something and is worried about what she’s up to, but a defiant Lauren insists she was only sending a text to a friend. Max tells Lauren that he wants to prove to Tanya he can look after her. Later on, Lauren goes on the internet and is gutted when her American boyfriend Edward breaks up with her.

Alfie is pleased that Kat has agreed to stay in Walford, but Kat tells Alfie that she can’t bear to live squeezed in at the Slaters’ and he’d better find them somewhere else to live. Alfie doesn’t have much luck until he has a brainwave and tells Kat that they can move into Kim’s caravan!

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