Janine wants her daughter!

Michael is stunned as Janine, looking groomed and gorgeous, waltzes into the house. Seeing Kat, Janine assumes that she and Michael are an item. Kat puts Janine straight, as well as making it clear what she thinks of her mothering skills! When Michael asks why Janine is back, she says she’s back on business. Kat leaves them to it after Janine makes a cruel remark about Tommy.

Michael intervenes when Janine tries to comfort a crying Scarlett, taking her up to bed. Janine confesses that although she’s been with other men since Michael, she feels lonely. When Michael wants to know whether she wants him and Scarlett back, Janine’s evasive. As she leaves, Janine tells Michael he’ll be hearing from her solicitor shortly – she doesn’t want him, but she wants her daughter.

Max confesses to Tanya that Sharon told him she regretted kicking him out. When Max reveals Kirsty is having an abortion, Tanya realises he doesn’t want to be tied to Kirsty in case Tanya takes him back. Making it clear there’s nothing between them, she encourages Max to concentrate on Kirsty. Meanwhile, Kirsty reveals to Kat she lied she was pregnant to keep Max. Before Kirsty can confess to Max, he says he wants her to keep the baby!