Janine worms her way into Jack’s favour

Janine gets herself an interview for the bar manager’s job with Jack. Ronnie is furious when Janine impresses Jack during the interview and points out that Janine has no references and her entire CV could be made up. Janine isn’t fazed and flirts with Jack, who agrees to give her a trial. Later, Janine suggests to Jack that he should buy Ronnie out of the business and offers to help him persuade her.

Tanya apologises to Jane for being short with her, but Jane feels used when Tanya asks her to get Lauren’s new mobile number from Peter’s phone. Tanya gets the number and calls Lauren’s mobile and leaves a message, pleading with her daughter to talk to her. Lauren calls when Tanya is in the middle of an argument with Max and Jane notices just in time.

Dot is due a visit from Jim, but she is anxious about Jim meeting his granddaughter and she tells Bradley that Jim has made it clear that he hates Nick. Jim has a fall and can’t visit, but an excited Dotty talks Bradley into taking her and Dot to the care home to see him. Back in the Square, Dotty secretly gets into a car with Nick…

Also, Jay books a home visit with Marissa in Billy’s name.

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