Jas catches Al in the act!

As Al checks the other doctors rooms for supplies, Jas catches him coming out of her room and is visibly unnerved, leaving Al worried about her. Later, Jas is in her room with a patient when she discovers an engagement ring in her drawer along with a note saying: ‘Jas – be mine.’ Jas freaks out and is found crying in the ladies loos by Karen, who sends her home. Back at home, Jas can’t relax, constantly looking out of the window to see if anyone’s there. So she gets an almighty shock when she spots Al sitting in his car watching her house!

Enraged, Jas storms out to confront Al, accusing him of stalking her, but Al makes out he was just worried about her, inadvertently revealing in the process that this isn’t the first time he’s sat outside her house. Jas is disgusted and warns him if he doesn’t stop this immediately she will make a formal complaint. Al promises he will and rushes off, leaving Jas shaken.

As Daniel and Mrs Tembe head for the golf course, Daniel is constantly embarrassed and frustrated as he tries to teach Mrs T as best he can, but soon begins to suspect that her sudden interest in this new sport might be symptomatic of her loneliness having left the church. Daniel’s left fuming when Mrs T flukes a hole in one – but when he realises how much it means to her he’s only too happy to let her bask in the glory.

Also, Kevin is all geared up for a lad’s holiday with some old uni mates when a series of misunderstandings threaten to scupper his plans.