Jas decides to move out

Jas comes to work in a grumpy mood – Kevin’s new squeeze Hannah kept her up all weekend with her annoying voice and grating laugh. Al suggests she just move out.  Jas laughs, but when Al shows her a list of affordable places for doctors to rent, she perks up – maybe she should?

At home that night, Kevin apologises for the noise – he and Hannah are over now. Jas appreciates the apology, but breaks the news that she’s put a deposit down on her own rental. Kevin tries to convince her to stay, but Jas has made her decision – it’s time for her to go. Kevin’s gutted and heads to his room.

Howard gets word that the CCJ will see him on Monday about his plans for an ECG. He puts the final touches to the report he and Kevin have been working on, and sends it to the partners. Zara’s impressed, but when Heston reads the report, he tells Howard it’s rubbish. As a battle of words ensues, Daniel interrupts and Heston stomps out. Are they ever going to see eye to eye?

Also, Mrs Tembe tries to help a wife reconnect her husband with his dying mother.