Al catches up with Jas to try and explain why he was sat in his car watching her house the night before, but she tells him in no uncertain terms that if he doesn’t leave her alone she’ll go to Howard and make an official complaint. Al and Karen decide to take lunch orders for the Icon from everyone, but it only causes another awkward moment when Jas feels like Al is still bugging her.

Later, Jas is shocked to find her car covered in scratches – someone has keyed it. When she catches Al watching her from inside she’s convinced it’s him. Jas marches straight back inside and straight to Howard to make a formal complaint of harassment against Al. Howard asks Jas to gather proof of Al’s harassing behaviour for him to bring to the partners, then lets a relived Jas go on compassionate leave until the situation is resolved.

Meanwhile, Emma and Heston congratulate themselves on their scathing review of the Icon in the local paper, only to be undone by Karen returning from the Icon with the information that they’ve all been barred. Chris isn’t surprised and criticises his mum, while Heston’s unrepentant. Howard calls the restaurant to apologise and tells Heston he’s managed to get them all unbarred – everyone, that is, except Heston and Emma!

Also, Daniel is haunted by the painful memory of a recent tragedy and seeks to make amends.