Jas makes a shock decision!

Jas and Aran turn up at a corporate-looking office building to attend interviews for jobs in Canada. In the interviews, Aran’s confident and has all the right answers, while Jas is nervous and keeps saying the wrong thing. When Aran later turns up to reveal he got the job and starts Monday, Jas is forced to admit she didn’t get the job and is devastated she can’t go.

Aran thinks she’s being ridiculous – he’s got a job and this can still be the fresh start they both want, so Jas decides she’s going. Jas pleads with Howard to let her out of her contract and he agrees to waive her notice period, not wanting to get in the way of her happiness, though he’s sorry to see her go. With that, Jas announces to her colleagues she’s leaving for Canada… tomorrow!

Meanwhile, Chris gets to work recruiting for Heston’s panto, ignoring his ringing phone all day. Daniel volunteers, thinking Joe would love to see him in it, but says not to let on to Zara. Then Jimmi tells Chris he’ll overcome his fear of public speaking and be in the panto. Al volunteers too, saying his aunt Sal always loved pantos, and Mandy agrees to help out backstage, as does Mrs Tembe.

Finally, Howard says he’ll be part of the panto and Zara agrees to get involved for Joe, but makes Chris promise not to tell Daniel. However, as a jubilant Chris shows Heston the list of people who’ve signed up, new love interest Tilly comes in behind him and pours the food they were going to have for lunch over his head – before dumping him and storming out!

Also, Valerie helps out an old friend, but uncovers a dark secret from the distant past.