As Steve Grahams continues to frustrate Rob and Driver by his lack of co-operation, Al regains consciousness at Gus Harper’s house and finds he’s tied to a chair in the cellar. As his vision clears, Al sees Gus, who shares his excitement over watching Al, watching him. He then takes Al’s mobile to text Jas and invite her to join them – after all, she trusts Al!

Meanwhile, Rob’s furious when solicitor Tricia Jonas identifies his suspect as the REAL Steve Grahams, and once he reveals why he was really at The Mill, it’s clear he’s not Jas’s stalker. Rob and Driver realise that, if they have got the wrong man, Jas might still be in danger. Meanwhile, Jas – having received Al’s text – turns up at the address and, seeing Al’s car outside, goes inside… and soon comes face to face with Gus!

When Rob listens to the message left by Al earlier that day they rally to get to the address. Meanwhile, Gus and Jas drink champagne while he talks about their future… maybe marriage and kids… then presents her with a diamond necklace and asks her for her answer. Realising what’s going on, Jas launches at Gus, who drags her into the cellar, where she finds Al. Jas secretly unties Al legs but then Gus enters with a shotgun.

Working together, Al manages to distract Gus, then suddenly leaps up, still attached to his chair and lays into Gus, who realises that Jas now has the shotgun. Al ties Gus up while Jas holds the gun and, as the police burst in, Al reassures Jas: ‘It’s over’.