Kevin complains to Jas about Barry telling Sigourney about his murder arrest and she encourages him to man up and set the record straight. Meanwhile, Sigourney finds the salon floor flooded and is frantically mopping water when Kevin arrives with a bouquet of flowers. He rolls up his sleeves, dives in and fixes the leak.

Kevin wants Sigourney to know he was fully exonerated of Lauren’s murder. He insists he’s not perfect but tries to be a good person, then stalks out leaving Sigourney all a quiver. Sigourney’s quest to find Kevin is delayed when Heston and Gloria arrive back at the salon. But, finally, as Heston moves in for a kiss with Gloria, Sigourney arrives at The Mill where she rushes into Kevin’s arms and they share a passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, as Mrs Tembe and Zara collect the £100 fines from staff who failed to complete their Jane Austen novels, Heston’s left feeling guilty. Mandy, in contrast, is let off the fine by an unusually generous Zara, who knows how much she has been through with a social services child abuse case. At the end of the day, Mrs Tembe and Zara congratulate themselves on raising funds for charity while educating their less cultured colleagues.

Also, when a young woman suspects her husband of cheating, she takes Emma’s advice to find out more, but her investigations soon land her in a bit of unexpected trouble.