Jase drives jealous Billy crazy

Billy still has a touch of the green-eyed monster after catching a half-naked Jase in the launderette with his wife the previous week and he’s not happy when he spots a topless Jase chatting to Honey at the Albert Square jumble sale. Billy causes a scene and a furious Honey accuses her husband of not trusting her.

Ronnie and Roxy have their work cut out at the Vic when Shirley leaves them in the lurch and they’re left to get the pub ready for opening on their own. Roxy leaves the rubbish with Billy, who dumps it outside the Beale’s house. A furious Ian storms up to the pub flat to confront the girls but he walks in on a half-dressed Ronnie, who chases him out of the flat and calls him a pervert!

Max is becoming increasingly agitated about Stacey and Bradley’s wedding plans and he’s determined to split them up. Max innocently suggests that Bradley visit his mum to tell her the good news, knowing that it will give him time to see Stacey.

Also, Jane and the kids take refuge at Tanya’s as Ian starts to renovate the house.

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