Jase is stitched up by Terry

Jase finds his knuckleduster in preparation for the job he has to do for Terry, but when he sees Dawn he begins to have second thoughts. Jase phones Terry and tells him he wants out but Terry turns up at the flat and talks him round when he brings up the money. Honey is in shock after recognising Terry leaving Jase’s flat and she warns Billy, who is horrified to realise who he’ll be ‘working’ for when he drives the getaway vehicle for Jase.

Billy confronts Jase about Terry but Jase convinces Billy to do the job when he reminds him of how much money he stands to make. When they arrive at the address that Jase has been given, Jase finds only a note that says that Terry has Jay and he realises that Terry has caught on to him stealing money for him and has set him up in revenge…

Garry, Minty and Vinnie return from their holiday and think they’ve been burgled when they find the flat in a mess. Vinnie fits a new lock on the flat door but hears a noise and picks up a vase in self-defence.

Also, Garry challenges Minty to chat up a foxy older lady, Cynthia.

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