Jase is tempted to the bad side

Jase pays a visit to his old local and has a drink with some old associates. He reveals that he’s going straight now and he’s got a new life. Jase’s old mate Terry hands Jase some cash as a friendly gesture and invites him to get involved in one last fight. Terry tells Jase that it will be his chance to take revenge as it’s the man who grassed up Jase and got him sent to prison.


has another bust up with Rachel over the wedding, but the women are on their best behaviour when the family gather for a pre-wedding lunch. The lunch is left in disarray when they discover that Jim has had a stroke. Max and

Stacey are left alone and when Max tries to kiss Stacey she warns him that their affair is over. The pair hear someone leave the house. Have they been overheard?

Ronnie is confronted by Roxy’s ex-fiance Damian who reveals that Roxy told him she lost her ‘baby’. Ronnie is angry when she hears Roxy giggling with Damian as she doesn’t want her sister back under his spell.

Also, Zainab is upset when she discovers that her son Syed’s painting has been sold to Denise; Mickey flirts with Shabnam.

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