Jase promises Dawn a better life

Jase has told Dawn that he’s got a decorating job but he is acting shifty. Dawn’s cash card has been swallowed by the machine and she talks Ian into letting her clean his new flat for a small fee. Jase tells Dawn that they won’t be skint for much longer and he later returns home with a bag of £50 notes and Dawn is stunned.

Whitney confesses to Bianca that she found a winning lottery ticket in the Square and she is the family’s mystery benefactor. Ricky unwittingly lets slip to Darren about Whitney’s good luck and Darren realises she found the Millers’ winning ticket. Dawn has a showdown with Bianca, but a triumphant Bianca tricks her into letting her keep the money.

Roxy is reluctant to let a persistent Ronnie go to her first baby scan with her. Sean tricks Ronnie so that he and Roxy can slip out to the scan alone. Roxy and Sean are spellbound when they see the image of their baby on the monitor. Back at the Vic, Sean coldly tells Ronnie that Roxy is moving in with him.

Also, Billy is desperate to stop Ian selling the stall; Ricky persuades Charlie to go for it with Brenda.

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