Jase tells the gang no

Jase drops Jay over at Honey’s and meets up with Terry and Bird. Jay realises Jase is planning to be away for longer than just one night when he discovers money in his overnight bag. Jase has a change of heart and tells Terry and Bird that he can’t return to the gang as he now has Jay to look after. Jay is delighted when Jase returns to pick him up.

Ian gives

Jane flowers with a romantic note but she is still at odds with him and she throws them away, but she later feels guilty for being ungrateful. Meanwhile, Pat brings Steven back to Walford but she warns him that Ian knows nothing about his return. Pat stops Steven from visiting Ian and points out it will do more harm than good to see Ian now.

Billy gets a visit from Mrs Patel who tells him that she is ending his and Honey’s tenancy. Billy is furious and he asks Ian for advice on tenants’ rights, but Ian is in a bad mood and Billy gets an earful. Peggy offers Billy temporary refuge at the Vic.

Also, Max suggests Tanya go private for the birth; Ronnie gets a flirty message from Jack.

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