Jase turns up covered in blood!

Jase is acting furtively, but Dawn doesn’t ask questions. Later, Jase staggers in covered in blood and refuses to let a shocked Dawn get him to hospital. Dawn runs out of the flat in a panic and begs for help when she bumps into Lucas. But when they return to the flat, Jase has disappeared. Jase comes round in a car – with his old gang mate Terry…

Tanya is furious with Max for bringing Ronnie to the meeting with her and Jack when he knew she wanted to discuss the children. Tanya storms out of the restaurant and Max runs after her, leaving Ronnie with Jack. Ronnie is angry with Max for tricking her, but she is intrigued when she realises that Jack is jealous.

Max follows Tanya to the house and apologises for his trick, but he warns Tanya that Jack is a Branning and will only bring her grief. Tanya goes to clear the air with Ronnie and is alarmed when Ronnie tells her that Jack is hiding a secret about his daughter. Tanya confronts Jack, who is forced to confess the truth. Tanya tells Jack she needs a few days to think things over.

Also, Masood hopes the new business will keep Shabnam in Walford.

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