David plots to get Jasmine out of the house and persuades her to spend the day with him. He then steals Jasmine’s door keys and sneaks them to Nicola, who lets herself in and succeeds in tempting Miles to start drinking. Jasmine returns and she attacks Nicola when she finds her with a drunk Miles. Jasmine is determined to help Miles, however, and she tells Nicola that she’s written a story about her antics for The Courier.

Diane is upset that Victoria is still being rude to her and tries to talk to Jack but he is unhelpful. Later, Victoria clashes with Jack over where to spend Christmas lunch and has another go at Diane. Jack doesn’t back Diane up and Diane reminds Jack that she’s his wife and he’d better start siding with her.

Emily tries to make her peace with Lisa before leaving the village but Lisa insists that she can never forgive her for kidnapping Sarah. Emily also tries to make amends with Debbie by encouraging her to bond with Sarah. Debbie is irritated and tells Emily that Sarah is better off with Andy and Jo.

Also, Lexi ropes Chas into a money-making venture.