Jasmine confesses to murder!

Jasmine panics when Laurel wonders what’s up with her and questions whether she’s pregnant. Jasmine furiously denies it and claims that Shane was evil and she could never carry his baby. Jasmine cracks under a concerned Laurel’s questioning and confesses that Shane tried to rape her, but panics and bolts out. A concerned Laurel follows and a hysterical Jasmine reveals that she killed Shane…

Rodney fishes for information from Paul about Pollard’s supposed heart condition, but is confused by Paul’s concerned questions about his own health. Paul thinks Rodney is in denial and he shares his worries with Nicola and tells her about their father’s ill health. Nicola wastes no time in using the information for her own benefit by telling David in a bid to get sympathy and stop him flirting with Leyla!

Jimmy and Carl move the business back into Pear Tree Cottage and vow to make it work. Jimmy gives Scarlett the task of cold-calling, convinced she’ll find it so boring that she’ll soon be begging to go back to college. Scarlett has little luck, but later brings a new client to Pear Tree after talking to the father of a friend!

Also, Donna asks for a transfer down south.

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