Eli and Marlon find Jasmine hiding out in a bedsit after following Sandy. Eli accuses Jasmine of abandoning Debbie to save her own skin. Eli and Marlon are starting to win round Jasmine when Sandy bursts with a gun. Sandy tells Jasmine to run and when she hesitates Eli lunges at her and Sandy fires wildly. Jasmine flees, just before Laurel and Ashley turn up. Ashley talks Sandy into putting down the gun while Eli dashes out after Jasmine.

Scarlett’s attempt at baking something nice for Daz goes dismally wrong but Edna offers her a homemade apple pie. Scarlett heads to Butlers but when she’s almost blanked by Daz she’s forced to leave the pie and make her exit. Later, Daz and Andy tuck in but Daz is horrified when Andy finds a ring in the pie and wonders if Scarlett was trying to propose!

Leyla is sent a bouquet and she sheepishly thanks David but he cuts her dead. Leyla later discovers her secret admirer when Rodney confesses he sent the flowers. Leyla agrees to go on a date as she can’t bring herself to turn him down and when the factory workers think she’s lost it, Leyla insists that she will use the date to teach David a lesson.

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