Jasmine’s sneaked out and Heidi wants Seth to find her. When he catches up with her, she’s on a skateboard; not the little princess Carl and Heidi thinks she is. She decides to carry out another daredevil challenge and rushes into The Loft to take a photo of Sasha on Seth’s phone. Sasha finds the phone and after calling Heidi everyone thinks Seth is a peeping tom.

Zak and Michaela wonder why Jacqui didn’t say ‘no’ when Des proposed to her, he’s racist scum. While Zak weighs things up, he’s suddenly set upon, Tariq’s returned. Zak admits his anger at Tariq was really anger at his brother for going to Afghanistan and getting himself killed. Michaela hears and takes pity on him.

Des starts to suspect that Zak might have told Jacqui about his hateful ideals. Rose thinks he needs to find out and fast. When Des confronts Zak, he finds out he’s been betrayed.

Also; Sasha warns Leo and Lauren to stay on their guard against Val. When Spencer announces he’s going to sell The Loft and buy his own flat. Valerie uses the opportunity to make her announcement and Leo and Sasha are heartbroken to hear Lauren’s accepted Val’s offer to move back to Spain.

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