Jasmine tries to ply Jamie for more information about his whereabouts at the time of the murder and she takes her suspicions to McNally. He orders Jasmine to get a confession from Jamie on tape and she sets up a meeting. An unsuspecting Jamie assumes that Jasmine has asked him over to seduce him and he makes a move on her, but Jasmine pulls back and instead asks him about the incriminating photograph. Jamie hears the click of the recorder and a scared Jasmine does a runner.

Debbie counts up her cash from the casino scam and she uses the money to buy herself a taxi, with the intention of setting up her own firm. Daz questions Debbie about where she got the money from, but she fobs him off with an excuse and reveals that she’s determined to make her business a success.

Marlon faces his worst nightmare when he’s asked to entertain Viv and he’s forced to cater to his pregnant mother-in-law’s every whim. Marlon’s day gets even worse during a game of scrabble when Viv gets cramp and asks for a foot rub. But the funny situation thaws the atmosphere and they finally start getting on well!