Jasmine’s close to cracking up

Jasmine is plagued by nightmares and Debbie is at a loss over how to help her. Jasmine tells Ashley that she and Shane have broken up and Eli is angry that she’s talked about Shane. Eli finds Shane’s phone in the back of the van and he and Debbie send a text to Jasmine from ‘Shane’ while she’s with Ashley to back up their alibi. They burn the rest of the evidence and Eli warns Jasmine to pull herself together.

Paddy tells Ross that he wants him to leave and is surprised when Ross agrees without argument. Donna sees Ross with packed bags and demands to know what’s going on and is crushed to realise that Ross is saying goodbye. Paddy watches Ross drive away from the village and is confident that he’s done the right thing.

Aaron breaks into the cricket pavilion overnight and Zak and Lisa urge Chas to lay down the law. Gordon turns up in the village and reveals that Aaron has broken into his office and trashed it. The Dingles cover for Aaron, but Chas has had enough and warns Aaron he had better tow the Dingle line.

Also, Anna prepares the eulogy for Donald’s funeral.

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