Jason accosts Sarah about David’s accusation

Jason accosts Sarah in the street, demanding to know what David’s playing at. In the cafe, Todd gently suggests to Sarah that David’s trying to frame Jason to throw the police off his trail. Sarah storms out and is aghast at the sight of a man that appears to be Callum. Later, Todd probes Sarah about Callum, but is thrown when Sarah asks him if he believes in ghosts.

Riddled with guilt, Sinead tells Chesney she was out drinking all night with Fiz. At the factory, Sinead apologises to Aidan for her clumsy pass and Eva asks for an explanation. Chesney’s suspicious when Fiz lets slip that she wasn’t with Sinead and when Aidan and Chesney make polite conversation in the Rovers, Eva blurts out that Sinead made a pass at Aidan!

Norris is intrigued when Alastair, a customer in the Kabin, mentions he’s looking for Edwardian-era roof slates to restore a property. Norris realises he could make a tidy profit and phones Alastair to strike a deal.