Joe tells Tina and Jason that he and Gail have set a wedding date. Jason wonders if Sarah will turn up, and Tina’s jealous. He’s forced to admit they’re not actually divorced, and Tina’s furious that he’d led her to believe they were. They row in the street as David watches, delighted to see they’re not getting on. Later, Tina calls to see Jason hoping to make it up with him, but she’s gutted to learn that he’s gone into town. She grabs the keys to his van.

Sally and Kevin arrive back from Paris. Rosie, dressed in hotpants, tells Sophie she won’t be able to attend her baptism as she’s going to work. Molly wants to know where Kevin’s been but he’s preoccupied with Sophie who’s clearly upset. Molly realises how it feels without Kevin.

Deirdre begs Peter to spend Christmas Day with them for Simon’s sake. Peter calls at No.1 and tells Ken and Deirdre that he, Leanne and Simon will be coming for Christmas Dinner so long as George, Eve and Janice can come too.

Also, Ashley pulls out of the panto so Becky and Claire bully Steve into taking the part of Prince Charming. Ryan tells Sophie that Ben made a pass at Michelle and Sophie dumps him.

*Second episode, 8.30*

Tina’s drunk as she climbs in Jason’s van and starts the engine. She drives a few feet and clips David on the arm. He wrestles the keys from her, telling her she’s too drunk to drive but Tina screams at him to stay away from her.

Tina heads into town by herself where she finds a bar and broods about Jason. An attractive looking Nick sidles over and starts to chat her up. Unwittingly Nick tells Tina how he’s been summonsed by his Gran to try and stop his mum from marrying her latest idiot of a boyfriend. Nick and Tina kiss but Tina pulls away and leaves feeling guilty.

Sophie makes a speech at her Christening saying how much she loves her parents and Kevin’s visibly moved. Later, Sophie’s emotional when Emily gives her a silver cross necklace as a present. Sally puts the christening photos on the TV screen, but accidentally flicks onto one of her and Kevin in Paris. Molly‘s gutted realising that’s where Kevin spent the weekend.

Also, Claire sacks Sean for being late to the panto rehearsal and gives the part of ugly sister to Jesse instead. Audrey phones Nick again; he’s in Manchester, checking into an hotel and he’ll see her in morning.

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