Jason and Karl square up!

*Hour-long episode*

When Karl laments to Dev it seems wrong to have a stag night without a wedding date, Jason suggests Stella’s having second thoughts. Karl fumes but Leanne assures him it’s what Nick would want. Karl’s stag night takes place in the Rovers, but when Jason continues to goad Karl he grabs hold of him, making a shock admission in a bid to scare him off. A fight ensues before Dev pulls the two men apart. Karl tells Stella she’s making a mockery of him by refusing to commit. Grabbing Karl, Stella announces they’re going ahead with the wedding. Meanwhile, Jason tells Dev that Karl admitted to torching his van and that means he’s capable of setting fire to the Rovers too.

Chesney admits to Fiz he’s been an idiot and wishes he hadn’t messed up with Sinead. Fiz tells Sinead, which leaves her feeling confused. Later, Katy and Steph set off into town with two of Steph’s male mates while Sinead tells Beth how she misses Chesney. But when she spots Chesney step in to protect Katy from Naz she’s more confused than ever.

Hayley’s moved to tears when Roy surprises her with a special meal to celebrate their third wedding anniversary. When Carla finds Hayley she does her best to reassure her before Roy accompanies Hayley to the hospital.

Also, Kylie contemplates a DNA test.