Jason, Todd and Phelan set to tidying up Tony’s flat and as Jason pulls out a suit for Tony to be buried in, he’s overcome with emotion. Phelan lies to Eileen making out he’s got to find new digs and Eileen takes the bait insisting he moves into No 11. In the Rovers, Jason turns on Eva and Aidan, giving Aidan a violent shove.

Nick careers into Kylie while out running and she’s concerned when he struggles to recognise her. Later, David urges Nick to tell Carla when he explains his brain injury symptoms are getting worse and he’s going for a scan.

Eva tells Sean that she saw Billy give a homeless lad £20. Sean compliments Billy on his good deed unaware of Billy’s discomfort. Later, Billy gets a call from Lee begging him for more money.

Ken calls in the salon and invites Audrey for a drink. When Zeedan clocks Rana flirting with one of the doctors outside the medical centre, he quickly introduces himself as her boyfriend. Alex asks Cathy if he can stay with her as Nessa is trying to force him to move to Scotland.