Jason and Julie discover that Colin is trying to discharge himself from hospital and they decide they’ve got to do something to help him as it’s clear he won’t cope alone. When Colin falls over trying to dress himself Jason makes a decision and announces that Colin is coming home with them. Meanwhile, Paula thanks Eileen for helping her patch things up with Julie and they agree to be friends again. Eileen is left speechless when Jason brings in Colin and announces he’s moving him in!

Joe is relieved when he gets paid for a job and he makes a hasty call to the loan shark. David offers to bank the takings, but he has his own agenda. David finds Gary and makes a show of the cash in front of him. An intrigued Gary wants to know how he’s making such a killing.

Mary invites Norris for dinner in the motor home, but he gets more than he expected when he arrives to find her dressed in a negligee. Norris is alarmed when Mary attempts a seduction routine and he heads for the nearest exit!

Also, Dev is desperate to make up with Amber, but she won’t return any of his calls.