Jason is still whispering sweet nothings down the phone to Sarah, while an oblivious Becky is enlisting the help of Kirk and Michelle to get the flat ready as a surprise for Jason. But it is Becky who gets the biggest surprise when Jason arrives home and tells her that Sarah has decided to come back to Weatherfield and they are going to give it another go.

Liam and Maria return from their weekend away along with Tony and Carla. Tony refuses to take any money off Liam who still feels distinctly uncomfortable about the whole thing. He is still not sure why Tony asked him to be best man and Carla is also worried about Tony’s motives.

Fiz is stunned into action when she discovers that John has had a car accident. Lloyd runs her to the hospital where a bruised and battered John is delighted to see her. John talks to Fiz about the way his life has turned out and she realises she still has feelings for him and can’t turn her back on their relationship.

Also, Janice can hardly contain her guilt when Sally tells the factory girls that the police think Rosie is off somewhere having an adventure with the lottery money.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Becky is devastated by Jason’s betrayal and downs a few drinks before arriving to do her shift in the Rovers. When Jason turns up in the pub to apologise Becky sees red and launches herself at him. Michelle tells Becky to go home and sober up, but Becky instead goes on a bender and steals a purse, smashes a shop window, trashes a police car, flashes her boobs and vandalises Jason’s van! Steve finds her slumped in the road and he takes her to Roy’s.

Leanne worries that Janice is about to crack and spill the beans on the lottery scam. As Sally grows increasingly concerned about Rosie’s whereabouts, Janice is finding it hard to cope with the guilt.

John insists on discharging himself from the hospital as he tells Fiz he is worried about his gran’s cat and hates the smell of the ward. Fiz travels home with him, but he is surprised when she tells him that she would like him to stay at her house and give their relationship another go. John is delighted and needs little persuading.

Also, Liam warns Carla to stop flirting with him, as she is about to marry Tony.