Jason falls down the stairs!

Jason is on a slippery slope as he starts getting drunk in the Rovers. He feels terrible about shouting at Bill and realises he should never have quit his job, so in a drunken mess he heads to the yard to apologise. But when he gets there Bill is not impressed and sends him home to sober up. But the drunk and disorientated Jason ends up falling down the stairs.

Becky suddenly doubles over in pain and Steve rushes his very distressed wife to hospital, where the doctor thinks she maybe pregnant. But the pain doesn’t seem to be subsiding and while the doctors rush to help, a worried Steve is left wondering what’s wrong.

David explains to Gail about his trip to the Lakes, hoping that she’ll be pleased that he’s trying his best for her. But instead Gail’s livid with him for risking his freedom. David manages to calm her down, but it is clear that his risk-taking is not the only thing bothering her and she’s struggling to cope with being in jail.

Also, Dev is excited to go and view a new house for the family, but Sunita tells him that she has arranged a viewing at a house on the street instead.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Bill is horrified to see Jason unconscious at the bottom of the stairs. He calls Roy over to help, when Jason begins to come round. But it seems that Jason has hit his head harder then they thought and to everyone’s shock he doesn’t remember that he and Tina have split up. Eileen tries her best to calm a frustrated Jason down and assure him that it’s true. But Jason won’t listen and storms off to find Tina.

Becky’s at the hospital and is still confused about what has happened. The doctor comes and tells her she can never be a mother, furious and upset, Becky storms out in disbelief. Later, back on the street she overhears Sean and Janice talking about Steve’s ex Karen, who also couldn’t have children. She begins to worry that this is the end for her and Steve.

Sunita recruits the Peacocks to help encourage Dev to put in an offer on No 7. But this is all going against Dev’s dreams for their future and he finally snaps.

Also, Rita invites Lewis on another date, after a lovely evening with him at the theatre.

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