Eileen sees that Jason is coming round to the idea of being Holly’s dad and is touched by how he’s acting towards her. She doesn’t want to pressure him though and doesn’t tell him about the social worker’s impending visit. Jason arrives just as the social worker is leaving and comes across as a doting dad. He offers to babysit Holly to give Eileen a break and as he holds the little girl in his arms and she smiles up at him, his heart melts.

Claire meets a girl called Casey, who she’s been counselling through the voluntary phone service she works for. It’s against the rules to meet callers but Casey has been struggling after the death of her baby and Claire is pleased to help. It’s clear Claire’s work is helping her too, but she lies to Ashley about the meeting.

Sonny invites Michelle to a special lunch to talk about something important. She wonders if he’s about to ask her to move in, but also worries that he’s about to dump her.

Also, the factory girls blank Kelly as they reckon her cheap work for Carla weakens their positions.