Jason is distracted as he waits for social services to turn up following his call to say that Holly is being neglected. Eileen is outraged when a social worker arrives and reveals that someone has made a complaint about Holly’s care. Jason is gutted when the social worker insists that the last thing they want to do is take Holly away. Eileen thinks that either Gail or Steve must have called social services on them. A guilty Jason cracks and blurts out that he made the call – he can’t cope anymore!

Steve looks on as a loved-up Michelle and Sonny flirt with each other in the Rovers after their night of passion. Steve chooses his moment and kisses Tracy in full view of Michelle. His trick has the desired effect and Michelle suffers a twinge of jealousy.

Chesney spends another day at the Battersby’s but he’s feeling guilty about betraying Fiz. The little lad lies to Fiz that he spent the day with Sophie. But Fiz realises that Chesney’s not quite telling her the truth, especially when Cilla makes a snide remark about there being ‘no place like home’. Fiz realises she’s losing the battle to keep her little brother.

Also, Norris gets a surprise Valentine card; Becky starts working on her surprise gift for the Croppers.