Jason is arrested

Gail takes photos of David’s injuries for the police, while he tells her that he thinks Joe was responsible for the attack. When Joe eventually arrives home he’s shocked and swears to Gail that he had nothing to do with it. Tina meanwhile is horrified at David’s injuries and asks him what time he was attacked, David realises that Tina thinks Jason was responsible and he’s furious. Tina confronts Jason but he swears that he was nowhere near David last night, but it’s clear she doesn’t believe him. It isn’t long before the police turn up at No.11 and arrest Jason on suspicion of assault.

Rita tells Ramsay that Emily is going to miss him and urges him to stay in Weatherfield. This has given him food for thought and he reveals that he’s decided to stick around and is going to put an offer in on a flat in Victoria Court.

Gail and Joe have a heart to heart after the situation with David. They admit they still love each other and agree to give their relationship another go.

Also, Jesse tells Eileen his mother has thrown him out and he’d like to take her up on her offer.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Eileen and Gail row on the street while Jason is driven off in a police car. Tina’s furious and, sticking up for Jason, tells Gail and Joe that David came round to the flat and threatened her. Later, Jason’s released as there’s no evidence against him and Tina apologises for disbelieving him. David’s gutted but is shocked when someone else confesses to the attack.

Ramsay accompanies Emily to Ernest’s grave, he talks about his childhood and it’s clear Emily’s very smitten with him. Once home Ramsay and Emily invite Norris to join them for a game of Scrabble. Norris agrees thinking that Ramsay will be leaving for Australia soon.

Ashley tells Claire that Roy has donated the weekend in Paris that he won as a prize in the charity fete. Claire’s thrilled and tries to lure Ashley home on a promise but a guilty Ashley takes Graeme home with him to avoid having to tell her about his cancelled vasectomy.

Also, Jesse’s deeply concerned that John the parrot has taken an instant dislike to Eileen; Joe tells Gail he’s got a part-time job in a hardware job. And while Audrey’s unimpressed, Gail’s pleased he’s making an effort.