Jason is in danger

Maxine is taking Patrick’s suit to the dry cleaners when she sees Jason being bundled into the back of a white van. She drops the suit and has to move quickly when the van drives towards her. Meanwhile, Patrick is waiting at the hospital for their first baby scan and his anger starts to bubble that Maxine is late. Meanwhile, Maxine explains what happened to a furious Patrick. They go to see Jason, but with Sonny there, Jason lies that he was practicing a drama assignment.

The white van stops and Sonny opens the back doors. Jason launches at him and knocks him to the floor before running away. Sonny drives after him and finds him back at the Roscoes’ – has Sonny killed Fraser?

Robbie is worried about Phoebe after she went to the cinema with Finn. He catches up with Finn at school and threatens to hurt him if he does anything to Phoebe. Unbeknown to the lads, Phoebe has heard everything and is suspicious.

George walks in on Blessing in the shower. She throws a wooden back scrubber at him, which hits a coffee cup and spills over George’s lap top. When Blessing refuses to buy a new one, George takes matters into his own hands and he and Phoebe steal her purse.