Eileen tells a devastated Jason that Tony was found dead in his flat with a suspected heart attack. He tells Eileen that he blames Liz for Tony’s death because if it weren’t for her, he’d still be living near his family and they could have saved him. Meanwhile, Phelan gives Eileen a comforting hug as Todd watches on sceptically.

Michelle tells Will that their kiss was a mistake and she loves Steve. She then steels herself to tell Steve about her dalliance, but is thwarted when Steve presents her with flowers, telling her how much he loves her.

Billy apologises to Sean for snapping at him but when Billy’s phone rings, it’s from Lee and he quickly kills the call, leaving Sean’s none the wiser.

Cathy hands Alex a tenner and warns him not to waste it on booze. Liz reveals to Erica how she and Chris both lied about their age. Rana playfully suggests they nip back to No 6, but Zeedan says he respects her too much.