Jason and Rosie‘s saucy story is in the Gazette and Jason’s desperate to hide it from Owen. But he soon catches sight of the paper and fires Jason on the spot. Jason turns to Rosie for sympathy, but she’s not in the mood… She’s been axed from the road safety campaign due to bad publicity and blames Jason.

Carla insists it’s business as usual and sets off to a client meeting. With the contract secured Carla’s upbeat, but as she arrives back at Underworld she’s floored by a nasty surprise in the form of a visitor. Meanwhile, Peter is faced with problems of his own – Simon’s in trouble at school.

There’s no harmony at No 13 for Steve and Tracy and with Tracy still refusing to move out he’s forced to use the bathroom at the Rovers. But Tracy isn’t taking this lying down and starts blaring music out of her flat.

Also, an exhausted Katy flies off the handle when Chesney suggests taking an evening job to bolster their income; Sylvia’s enthusiastic when Milton offers Roy a loan to help expand his business, but Roy’s unimpressed.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Carla endures more drama when she is left reeling following a confrontation at the factory. Seeing her upset, and fed up of people sticking their noses into his affairs, Peter suggests they sell up and move away. Seeing his logic Carla’s torn but she isn’t prepared to give up just yet.

Rosie’s feeling sorry for herself after being sacked from the road safety campaign. But when her agent calls and says that off the back of the Gazette piece she’s been offered a screen test for a new reality TV show she’s ecstatic.

Joseph’s still not sleeping and when Ches arrives home and asks what’s for tea, Katy snaps. Telling her to have a soak in the bath Chesney takes over, but when he falls asleep while the food is cooking we sense parenting is proving a struggle for both of them…

Also, with Steve having turned off her electric Tracy fights back and finding the thermostat upstairs she turns the heating down to zero; Sylvia’s horrified when Milton suggests that having overstepped the mark with Roy he should return to the States.