Faye’s gutted by the thought of losing her dad when she’s only just found him, so she makes sure he’s given reason to stick around. She’s ecstatic when Jason offers Tim a job as a labourer, whilst Owen’s annoyed that he’ll still be around and tries to talk Jason out of hiring Tim.

Kylie tries to deny it’s her handwriting as she battles to keep a lid on her secret, but Gail can see through her lies and threatens to call the police. Kylie is forced to admit to Gail that Lewis was blackmailing her. But the stress has clearly got to Kylie and she reacts in the only way she knows how and decides to hit the bottle.

When Gloria admits she’s only known Eric for six weeks Stella’s horrified, Eric seems quite the catch but as he splashes the cash it soon becomes apparent that Gloria is after one thing – his money. Later, Stella and Gloria fall out over their men when Gloria discovers that Stella and Jason are an item. 

Also, Steve and Lloyd realise they’ve unwittingly disposed of Flash the tortoise on the tip; Katy enjoys spending time with her girlfriends as they plan Steph’s 18th birthday at the bistro.