Jason tries to plan a romantic meal, after receiving his divorce papers through the post. After cooking the meal, lighting candles and pouring the wine, he decides it’s the perfect opportunity to pop the big question. Tina’s shocked; she will have to come clean about her and Nick if she wants to make Jason realise their relationship is over.

Dev is happy to have his family back together, knowing that all his hard work wooing Sunita has finally paid off. But he’s struggling to come to terms with having noisy children running around the flat, so decides to take them out to the zoo. But when they get back panic sets in as Aadi gets locked out of the flat on the balcony, two floors up.

Becky starts to worry that Steve is losing his libido and confides in Claire and Eileen. But working all day with Steve in the cab office can get boring, and Eileen can’t help having a giggle at the expense of her boss.

Also, Nick and Audrey try to advise David to stop interfering with witnesses, or he will be joining his mother in prison.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Jason confronts Nick in the Rovers for kissing Tina, he still can’t believe she doesn’t want to be with him and blames Nick for taking advantage of her. Nick simply dismisses him, and his smug attitude only makes Jason more angry and punches are thrown. It seems that Jason is not the only one to be annoyed about the kiss and instead of learning his lesson, Nick goes on to wind David up too. It looks like the brothers might not be able to resolve this one.

Becky and Steve head upstairs to find Steve’s mojo again, but when Ciaran walks in to find them enjoying some spontaneous passion in the kitchen, Steve decides he isn’t in the mood. Becky’s desperate to get their relationship back on track and Steve’s lack of interest pushes her to breaking point.

Sunita frets as Dev frantically tries to get to Aadi, but there’s no way to reach him and he’s still locked out on the balcony. A passing Graeme spots Aadi, and grabs his ladder to save the day.

Also, Ryan and Sian fall out when he tries to make her jealous, telling her Tamsin has asked him out.

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