Eva confides in Todd that she’s secretly meeting Tony for a house auction at a hotel in town. While Eva’s not looking, Todd steals her mobile phone and plants it on the hotel reception desk. Later, Jason phones her mobile and is horrified to discover it’s been handed in at a hotel. Fearing the worst, Jason sets off while Todd’s delighted to see his plan coming together. Having bought a house at the auction, Tony and Eva celebrate with a glass of fizz just as a furious Jason arrives.

As Gail prepares for Michael’s welcome-home party, she hopes she hasn’t made things worse for David by antagonising Callum. When there’s a knock at the door, David horrified as Callum forces his way in.

Sally, Tyrone and Maddie gently rib Kevin over his failed date. But as Kevin locks up the garage, Jenny approaches and suggests they go for a drink.

Linda invites Izzy and Katy to join her for dinner in the bistro, meanwhile Anna makes it clear she’s jealous of the love Owen once felt for Linda; Chesney and Kirk watch with baited breath as the physio helps Sinead to sit up for the first time.