Jason reveals David’s evil thoughts

Bill is suspicious about Jason’s accident and he wonders how the previously solid scaffolding could suddenly collapse. Bill realises that the scaffolding was tampered with and he shares his worries with Jason. Both men agree that David is a likely culprit and Jason has words with Gail and reveals that not so long ago David told him that he wanted his family dead. Gail is horrified that David’s reign of terror is still going on.

Violet goes to hospital with Sean for her latest scan and Marcus asks if Violet wants to know the sex of the baby. Sean is keen, but Violet wants to keep it as a surprise. Sean is disappointed when Marcus tells Sean that he can’t go against Violet’s wishes. Violet, meanwhile, feels uneasy when Sean talks about ‘our child’.

Rosie hands in her notice at the factory and tells Liam that she’s going back to school. John turns up at the Websters’ for his lesson with Sally a few minutes early and he flirts with Rosie, clearly with no intention of stopping their affair.

Also, Lloyd arranges a babysitter for Jerry’s kids so he can take Jodie on a date; Ivor and George are suspicious that Norris likes Doreen.